OpenSignOriole is once again open for most classes and activities inside the building.

Monday 5/23/2016 Update:  We had flooding in the front portion of the building on Monday 5/9/2016 and we had to temporarily close while estimates and remediation were taking place.  Professional remediation procedures occurred on Monday 5/16/2016 and were completed last week.

All porous items which were exposed to the water have now been removed from the building and discarded.  This included some sections of paneling and drywall in the hallways and bathrooms as well as floor matting and carpeting in the hallway and office.  All areas which were affected were treated and have been through a mandatory drying period for 3 days (Wednesday – Friday).  The sportsfield, the blue training room, and the loading dock were unaffected by the flooding.

The building is once again open for all classes and trial.  Areas of the building will remain closed while they are under reconstruction;  please pay attention to signs/barriers showing you where you should walk to get to the sportsfield and blue training room.

While we are under construction, the only indoor bathroom that is available is the ADA bathroom in the middle hallway.  Additional relief is available in the form of Porta-potties in the front of the building next to the storage Pod.

Please forgive our appearance while we are under reconstruction.  We are working on it and hope to be 100% fully restored soon !


cropped-ologowred.gifThe Oriole Dog Training Club, Inc is a non-profit organization formed in 1945 to  promote  the utility of dogs regardless of pedigree as well behaved and reliable companions  for their own safety and well being, for the pleasure of their owners, and so they will be considered good canine citizens of the community.

We hold regularly scheduled and very affordable training classes in dog obedience and various dog sporting activities at our spacious, up to date  training facility in Halethorpe, MD.

Our all volunteer instructing staff is passionate about both companion dog (pet manners) training and dog sports training, and collectively represents decades of experience.

We are a licensed club with the American Kennel Club  (AKC®) and in addition hold group membership with the following dog sporting organizations:

  • North American Flyball Association (NAFA®)
  • United States Dog Agility Association(USDAA®)
  • North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC)
  • Canine Performance Events (CPE)
  • National Association of Canine Scent Work (NACSW)
  • Barn Hunt Association (BHA)

Our club members range in experience from those just beginning the journey of learning how to train and trial with a dog to talented amateurs with a part-time interest in dog training and even to members who compete or judge successfully at the national (sometimes even international) level.

In addition to dog training classes, we organize and hold numerous community outreach activities, canine health clinics, seminars, workshops, and dog sporting events both at our training building and at multiple locations in and around the Baltimore, Columbia, and Washington DC metro area including:

  • obedience (AKC®),
  • tracking (AKC®),
  • agility (USDAA®, NADAC, AKC®,CPE),
  • flyball (NAFA®),
  • rally (AKC®)
  • scentwork (NACSW, BHA)

Have questions?  Explore our website or start with our FAQ.


9 Azar Ct.
Halethorpe, MD 21227

Voice Mail:
(410) 565-6651


Detailed directions to our facility can also be found here.


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