Facility Details (Rentals and Judge Information)

Oriole’s facility is located where the south part of the I-695 Baltimore Beltway meets I-95.  In addition to being very convenient to the Baltimore-Washington metro area, there are many dog-friendly hotels within 5-20 minutes of the facility and we are only 15 minutes from the Baltimore-Washington International Airport.    The facility is fully heated, air-conditioned, and is wheelchair accessible.

Oriole’s building can be rented on weekends and holidays and some weeknights outside of normal daytime business hours.  (During normal daytime business hours, available parking restricts the size of an activity to accommodate approximately 12 people).   Outside of normal weekday business hours, there are approximately 180 parking  spaces which includes a limited amount of level space suitable for daytime RV usage.

Our sports field is suitable for dog related activities such as multi-ring obedience trials, single ring dog agility trials,  multi-ring flyball tournaments, and classroom-based and working skills seminars.    We are not accepting conformation show rentals at this time.  Rental rates vary based on the activity.  All rentals include such items as ring steward chairs, tables, and ring gating.  Depending on the event type, some equipment is included as well:  (1) jumps for obedience trials and partitions which can be used for out of sight stays and/or to provide visual separation of the obedience rings if desired, and (2) jumps and backstops for flyball tournaments.  Agility equipment rental (which includes timers and a scoreboard display) is included in the rental for AKC, CPE, NADAC, and USDAA trials.

Free WiFi is available throughout the facility.

Indoor crating space is limited, however crating directly out of the car is reasonable, safe and convenient for many exhibitors.  There is sufficient grassy area at one side of the parking lot for dog relief.  For human relief, there are 4 unisex bathrooms and one unisex ADA-compliant bathroom.

Here is the basic floor plan of the entire facility as it is used for trials and tournaments.

Oriole DTC facility - full floor plan
Oriole DTC facility – full floor plan

The sports field does have 3 support posts.  These are padded for competitor and dog safety.  We can supply you with precisely dimensioned layouts that will allow agility and rally judges to account for these accurately  in their designs.  There are several entrances into the arena containing the sports field (a double door, a single door and 33′ opening) that can be closed or opened as necessary for good human and canine traffic flow appropriate to the trial type.  Take a virtual look at the sportfield set up for an agility trial here.

Site approvals for agility events at this location have already been submitted and received for those organizations requiring site approval (AKC, CPE,  NADAC, and USDAA).

Here are some photos of different configurations of the sports field:

Renters agree to enforce the following Oriole policies:

(1) As is normal practice for dog facilities with a sports field, there is a $5 cleanup fee for any accidents that occur on the turf.

(2) If exhibitors choose to crate indoors, waterproof covering must be placed underneath the crates.

(3) Only non-crumbly dog treats may be used on the sports field.

(4) Food, gum, and drinks which would leave a stain or residue may not be consumed on the sports field.

(5) Dogs are to be relieved in the designated outdoor areas only.

Click here to check the facility date availability

If your club or business is interested in renting our facility, please contact Michele Long (mickie57@verizon.net) for more information  and to reserve a date.  If you just want to check to see if the date you are interested in is available, click on the Calendar icon.   Notations used on this calendar are as follows:

  • Reserved – deposit has been received and contract signed.
  • On Hold Until – A group has requested a rental for that date. They have until a specified date to send in a Event License Agreement and deposit or that weekend is released.
  • Retained Until – This is a date that the renting group is assigned as a corresponding date (if they indicated a corresponding date on their contract). If a deposit is not received 9 months before the specified it is again open to other groups.

Resources for Trial Chairmen and Judges:

Trial Chairmen for All Event Types:  Need some help figuring out what the corresponding dates are for renting our facility in future years?  Check out this link.  Looking to see what pet-friendly hotels are nearby?  We keep that information here.

AKC Trial Chairmen: If you are planning to hold an AKC event at our facility, be aware that AKC does require you to file an Emergency and Disaster Plan for the event.  We have prepared a sample plan and its appendix with information specific to our facility to  provide a starting point for this information.  The site layout is also available in CD4 (aka CRCD4) and PDF format.

AKC Judges:  Here is the design template in CD4 and PDF format providing the ring layout and equipment available to you.  If you desire additional wing jumps,  wingless jumps, or tunnels, these can be made available to you with advance notice.

CPE Judges:  Here is the overall site layout provided to CPE along with a file in CD4 (aka CRCD4) or PDF format providing the design template.

USDAA Judges: Here is the overall site layout provided to USDAA along with files in CRCD3, CD4 (aka CRCD4) and PDF format providing the ring layout and equipment available to you.  If you desire additional wing jumps,  wingless jumps, or tunnels, these can be made available to you with advance notice.

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