Member Awards

Are you an Oriole member and have a recent award you would like to celebrate?
Contact to get your award and picture on Oriole’s Awards Wall.

 Oriole also recognizes and celebrates all of our member’s achievements on an annual basis at our traditional January Awards Party.


Recognition is given by Oriole for all titles earned in any of the activities for which the club offers training classes or licensed trials. In addition, the club recognizes dogs and handlers who have achieved titles in other activities through our Performance Dog Awards program.

Club members use the 2016 Annual Award Application to register with our Awards Coordinator for medallion awards and/or the 2016 Special Awards Application to register for the Special Awards.  There is also a separate 2015 K9Nosework Awards Application (new this year!) and a 2015 Agility Awards Application (with obstacle replicas rather than medallion plates).


All title information must be received by December 15, 2016 in order to have time to order and prepare the awards for presentation at Oriole’s annual General Membership meeting and Awards Party in January.  Award requirements are laid out in the 2015 Annual Awards Requirements document.

You can access some of these documents in either Word or pdf format:

  • 2015 Award Application for Medallion Plaques:   Word   Pdf
  • 2015 Award Application for Special Awards:   Word   Pdf
  • 2015 K9Nosework Award:   Word   Pdf
  • 2015 Agility Award Application for Obstacle Replicas:   Word   Pdf

11/18/2015 Update:




Awards for 2014

Agility Titlists Oriole Grand Awards
Flyball Titlists Special Flyball Champion Titles
Obedience Titlists Special Awards for Obedience and Conformation
Tracking, Freestyle and Nosework Titlists Performance Dog Awards


Previous Year’s Awards


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