USDAA Agility Trial Information Page


Upcoming USDAA Agility Trial:

When:  May 18-19, 2019

Where: Indoors on artificial turf at the Oriole Dog Training Club.

Judge: Cindy Hensley

Classes:  All titling classes in the Championship & Performance programs plus a Biathlon and a Grand Prix.

Click below to access all the trial documents or here for just the premium.

Trial Documents

Trivia:  This trial marks the 61th USDAA trial put on by Artful Dodgers Agility (our first trial was in 1991) and our second trial to have a Preakness watching party on Saturday (now that (a) we’re indoors, (b) have a big screen TV at the clubhouse, and (c) have a great internet connection ^_^)


Future USDAA Agility Trials:

Three Year Look-Ahead:

2019 Feb 2-3 May 18-19 Oct 5-6
2020 Feb 1-2 May 16-17 Oct 3-4
2021* Feb 6-7 May 15-16 Oct 2-3

* 2021 dates are tentative subject to publication of the USDAA Four Year Planning Calendar


Previous USDAA Agility Trials:

Results and courses from previous trials can be viewed on the Artful Dodgers USDAA blog.

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