USDAA Agility Trial Information Page


Upcoming USDAA Agility Trial:

When: May 20-21, 2017

Where: Outdoors on grass at Hog Dog Productions in Millersville, MD

Judges: Sylvia Martinez and Kit Erskine

Classes: 2017 Tournament Qualifiers: Championship/Performance Masters Challenge Biathlon (Saturday & Sunday),  Grand Prix / Performance Grand Prix (Saturday), and Steeplechase (Sunday)

All titling classes in the Championship, Performance, and Veterans Programs are offered over the two days with double Gamblers at the Masters/P3 level and double Jumpers at the Starter/P1 and Advanced/P2 level.

Intro Jumpers and Intro Standard are offered along with Miscellaneous Standard for those seeking ring experience and an opportunity to train in the ring
using positive methods with toys (but not food) allowed.



Future USDAA Agility Trials:

Three Year Look-Ahead:

2017 Feb 5-5 May 20-21 Oct 7-8
2018 Feb 3-4* May 19-20 Oct 6-7
2019 Feb 2-3* May 18-19 Oct 5-6

* these dates are tentative


Previous USDAA Agility Trials:

Results and courses from previous trials can be viewed on the Artful Dodgers USDAA blog.

Come and Sit. Stay and Play.