AKC Fast CAT Test Information Page



Next trial is: May 2-3, 2020
at Hog Dog Productions
Millersville, MD 

Premium will be posted here when available.


Five-year look-ahead for trial planning

2020 May 2-3 Sep 25-27
2021 May 8-9 Oct 1-3
2022 May 7-8 Sep 30-Oct 2
2023 May 6-7 Sep 29-Oct 1
2024 May 4-5 Sep 27-Sep 29

DecorativeLineSeparatorA new sport from AKC, Fast CAT is safe and fun for dogs.  Many of our Oriole club members are participating and titling in it.

Video of full run: Deborah Dean and Australian Cattle Dog Iselin

DecorativeLineSeparatorLearn more about Fast CAT here!


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