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Upcoming AKC Tracking Tests:

Sunday, Dec 1, 2018: VST/TDU Tracking Test.

Test site: Gore Technologies and Cecil County Public Schools, Elkton, MD

ODTC VST TDU Dec 1 2019 Prem Cover


ODTC VST TDU Dec 1 2019 EntryForm

Entry Form

DecorativeLineSeparatorFuture AKC Tracking Trials:See below.DecorativeLineSeparatorFive Year Look-Ahead:*** certification test onlyDecorativeLineSeparatorPrevious AKC Tracking Tests:Results from previous trials can be found using the tools available at AKC’s Event and Search Results.   If you happen to know the event number, you can jump directly to that event.  The following is an example of such a link:https://www.apps.akc.org//apps/events/search/index_results.cfm?action=plan&event_number=2018025607
.Fair Hill Maryland is a focal point of local tracking activity with Oriole members and members of other clubs all pitching in to ensure some great trials there.  Check out some of the action captured by club member Kristi Eisenberg at some of Oriole’s  tracking classes and at some of the Tracking Tests held there!.

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