Looking for some instructions on basic companion dog obedience training?  The American Kennel Club has prepared a number of short videos on obedience training as part of its Best Practices series:

Want to know more about dog sports? Check out these Oriole DTC club members competing in some of the dog sports we like to do at Oriole !


Here’s the No Speed Limit flyball racing team at the March 23rd Sweet Tea Classic.  [We’re the lime green shirted ones in the left lane]

Did that look exciting but confusing?  This next video of clips put together by NSL team member Mary Mynaugh may clear up as least some of your questions 🙂

Here is a video put together by Mary Mynaugh of all of the dogs that have raced on No Speed Limit since the team was formed in 1994 until 2010 (the point at which the video was made):

New dogs and people join in the fun every year!

 Rally Obedience

Follow along on the course map.
Follow Debbie and Indy  along on the course map.

In this next video, Oriole member Debbie Kaminski takes her German Pinscher Indy through their winning paces to capture 1st place in the Excellent Rally division of the 2014 All Star Tournament held this year in York, PA.

AKC Agility

Novice Fifteen and Send Time (FAST) Class course map designed by Pam Johnson for the Aug 2014 Hyattsville DTC AKC agility trial. Rules for the FAST class are found in the AKC Agility Regulations.

In a demonstration of  Indy’s versatility, here are Debbie and Indy again a few weeks later qualifying in an AKC agility trial in the Novice FAST class.  This is an agility course in which the handler is given a set amount of time to execute a course of his/her own design complete with a ‘Bonus’ section which must be performed at a distance from the handler.  You can hear the judge calling off the earned points for each obstacle as it is successfully completed.

Come and Sit. Stay and Play. ℠

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