ODTC Awards Photo Wall Criteria

If you would like to have an award photo framed and placed on the ODTC awards photo wall, please follow the instructions below to either submit a digital photo or a quality 8×10 photocopy.

Submitting a digital photo

  1. Photo Image: The image will be printed as 8×10 in Portrait style with captions included (see Criteria for photos below). The photo should include the dog and the award, or the dog action shot related to the award. It is your preference if you want to be in the photo too.
  2. Photo Criteria for digital image submittal:
    Minimum of: 900 x 1260 dpi, 1.2 MP
    Ideal: 1200 x 1680 dpi, 2 MP
    Maximum of: 1500 x 2100 dpi, 3.15 MP
  3. Caption requested: Provide your name, your dog’s name, and dog’s title(s), which will be placed on the photo to be displayed.
  4. Email the photo and caption information to ODTCAwardsWall@gmail.com
  5. Fee: Submit a $7.00 fee to cover the frame and printing (all frames will be identical). Once we receive your fee the printing will be processed.  See the fee submittal information below.

Submitting a quality photocopy

• If a digital image is not available, we will accept a quality photo 8 x 10 along with caption information. Place the submittal into the Obedience Training Director’s mailbox in the office at the club along with the fee.


We will accept new photos yearly during the period shown below.

  • Submit your photos and captions: 02/01– 11/30
  • Cut-off date for submittal for that year: November 30th

Fee Submittal

Fees are $7.00.  Checks are encouraged rather than cash.  Please make the check payable to ODTC with a memo reference “Awards Photo”.

Mail to:  ODTC, 9 Azar Court, Halethorpe, MD, Attn: Sue Carlton, Obedience TD.  Or you may place the fee in the Obedience Training Director’s mailbox in the office at the club.


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