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Club Membership

The most frequently asked question regarding membership is: “How  do I become a member so I can start taking classes?” You do not need  to be a member to take classes at Oriole Dog Training Club (ODTC).  ODTC is run purely by its volunteer membership. We are always  looking for more people to commit to helping the Club to thrive.  Typically people will take a class as a non-member and decide during  that session if they want to become a member. If they do they find a  peer or the instructor in their class to be their sponsor and they apply  on-line for a membership. This gives you a little time to decide  if you want to become a member without going through the formal  process before taking classes.


Membership Levels

Provisional Membership – Approved by the Board of Directors for a  six-month term. During that time the expectation is the Provisional  Member will volunteer at Club activities in any or all of the disciplines  (Obedience, Agility, Flyball, etc.) At six-months the Board  of Directors will review your volunteer activities and vote on for  Training Membership.

Membership dues for Training and Contributing Members is $30  per year (July 1 – June 30)

Training Member – This is the regular level membership within  ODTC. This level is achieved upon successful completion of the  Provisional Membership requirements.

Household Members – Household members are members living  within the same address and pay reduced annual dues as a result.  Each member of the household must apply for provisional  membership individually. Household members pay a membership fee  that is less than the sum of the individual member’s dues.

Contributing Member – Contributing members are persons who are  making significant contributions to the operations of the club as  determined by the Board of Directors.

Contributing members are members who have volunteered a  minimum of 50 hours to the club annually in a ODTC Board of  Directors approved position. Contributing members are generally  those who instruct regularly, answer telephones, clean the building  regularly, serve on the BOD, serve as trial secretaries, routinely  steward or judge at all Show-N-Go events, or combine numerous  activities such as various trial chairs, teaching some semesters,  working some Show-N-Go events, etc. New contributing membership  may be awarded throughout the year.  Contributing  membership is awarded after a member has worked at an ongoing  activity for 6 months or met at least half of the required hours with  the expectation that they will continue the activity throughout the  year. Contributing membership is re-evaluated annually during the  annual dues solicitation. Contributing members will retain their CM  status for 6 months after they discontinue their CM duties. After this  6 month period has ended, their membership status will be changed  to Training Member.

“How to become a Contributing Member” is another frequently asked  question. When current Contributing Member positions open the job  announcement will go out to the ODTC club membership via  e-mail. Those interesting in apply should provide the point of contact  with a brief summary of why they are the best candidate for that  position. The Board of Directors will make the final decision on  selecting the candidate. Other ways are through Board of Director  elections. And some positions are still filled through word of mouth.

Lifetime Member – Lifetime members are persons who are  recommended by the Board of Directors to the General Membership.  Such persons are then elected to this status for life by 2/3’s of the  members present and voting at a regular meeting.


 Membership Benefits

  • Training members in good standing pay 66-75% of full price for all  classes and get second choice for seminars and ALL classes if they  meet the class criteria and deadlines.
  • Contributing members pay 33-50% of full price for all classes and  get first choice for seminars and ALL classes if they meet the class  criteria and deadlines.
  • Non-members and Provisional members pay full price for classes  and can fill any remaining spots in seminars and classes if they  meet the class criteria and deadlines.
  • All members except Provisional and Honorary members can vote  on ODTC decisions.
  • All members have on-line access to the club newsletter, The  Dumbbell.
  • Only Training and contributing members in good standing are  eligible for club trophies.


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