Frequently Asked Questions

Training Questions

Q: Can I drop off my dog for you to train?

A: No.  Our mission is to train you to train your dog whether you just want an intelligent, well behaved companion, or if you would like to discover all the fun and exciting sports and activities in the area that you and your dog can participate in.

Q: Do you offer any private, one on one instruction?

A: No. We offer group classes both for non-members and members.

Q: Do I need to be a member to train my dog there?

A: No. Most classes, both beginning and advanced, are open to club members and non-club members alike.  However, as you become more interested in pursuing an advanced training relationship with your dog and/or participation in one of the many dog sports available, you should consider becoming a club member.  Club members (particularly those who volunteer to the point they are recognized as a ‘Contributing Club Member’) receive discounted class pricing, as well as priority entry into training classes.

Q:  That’s great! How do I sign up for beginning classes?

A:  Click here for signup information for our Introductory Classes.

Q:  I’ve looked through the Class Catalog and don’t see an Advanced Class for the sport I’m interested in pursuing.  Why is that?

A:  Oriole has three ‘semesters’ to its training classes:  Fall, Winter/Spring, and Summer.  During the Summer semester, we operate a reduced schedule of classes.  Check again when the next semester’s Class Catalog is published or ask the Registrar (

Q:  Are there any age limits?

A:  Yes.  Except for puppies entered in Puppy Kindergarten, dogs must be at least six months old to enter any class.  Some of the classes like Agility and Flyball also have special age requirements that dogs  be old enough for their bones and muscles to have developed sufficiently to handle the physical stress of jumping (this can be 9 to 12 months old depending on breed).  The class description will note any special age requirements.

Q:  I meant, are there any age limits on the human students?

A:  Ah yes.  There are no upper age limits.  Handlers under the age of 16 must be accompanied by their parent or a guardian who can show written authorization to  supervise the underage handler.  The parent/guardian must remain in the building throughout the entire class period.

Membership Questions

Q: Are you taking on new members?

A: Yes. In addition to training, Oriole sponsors a number of competition events for dogs as well as community outreach activities. Running these events and classes takes many people and lots of work and we appreciate all of our members who volunteer their time to help keep the club thriving. Come join us!

Q:What would I get out of being an Oriole member?

A: The main benefits are early access to advanced training classes, fellowship with other dog sports enthusiasts,  and annual awards recognition for you and your dog’s accomplishments in one or more dog sports.  You can view some of the additional benefits here.

Q: How do I become a member?

A: We’re glad you asked 🙂  You can view the details of becoming a club member here.

Q: Are there different levels of membership?

A: Yes.   There are several levels of membership, but what you’re probably most interested in hearing about are: Provisional Member, Training Member, Contributing Member.  The benefits of membership are explained here along with a convenient link to the online member registration form.

Q: How do I become a ‘Contributing Member’?

A: When current Contributing Member positions open the job announcement will go out to the ODTC club membership via e-mail. Those interesting in applying should provide the point of contact with a brief summary of why they are the best candidate for that position. The Board of Directors makes the final decision on selecting the candidate. Other ways are through Board of Director elections. And finally, some positions are still filled through word of mouth.

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