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-Wellness and Rehabilitation Therapies for your Companion-

Hello, I am Dr. Faith Lotsikas and founder of Faithful Paws Veterinary. I have been certified in Veterinary Rehabilitation Therapy for many years and pride myself on my ‘whole dog’ approach no matter ‘who’ the companion animal is that I meet. Therapies provided are guided by my exam findings, as well as your teammates current activity level, abilities and/or limitations, and the goals that we will determine and strive for together. Seeing each dog with handler as a unique team enables me to work with a wide variety of patients (sports medicine injury and wellness maintenance, to geriatric and quality of life enhancement).

I am fortunate to have worked with numerous canine athletes and trainers and understand the demand and dedication required in canine sports. It is highly rewarding for me to work with a team that understands and welcomes the efforts involved with rehab and wellness recommendations. Rehabilitation of both soft tissue and orthopedic injuries, post-operative/injury return to sport, as well as achieving fitness and maintaining the body are aspects of sports medicine I offer.


Therapies that I offer include various manual techniques for the spine and soft tissues, Class IV Laser, Therapeutic Ultrasound, Phonophoresis, and TENS. Sessions typically begin with a very detailed thorough exam of your dog head to tail to identify any problem areas as well as gain a sense of your dogs general condition. If therapy is indicated, I usually start with the modalities of laser and/or ultrasound first followed with manual work using my hands. Part of the sessions often require time dedicated to teaching techniques or exercises that will become ‘homework’. Exercise and fitness plans are tailored per your dog, and will be sent to you at a later date to allow time to customize the plan(s) and make sure they suit our intended goals. They are included in the fee for the consultation.


Please email me at to set up an appointment or ask any questions. It is helpful to me and advised to provide radiographs if any recently taken, medical notes from any surgeries or injuries, and lab work ahead of time. I will have a brief questionnaire for you about your dogs health and exercise, supplements, and your expectations.

Come and Sit. Stay and Play. ℠

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