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Thanks to Rebecca Thrift!

Oriole wants to thank Rebecca Thrift for a wonderful three days of instruction during the OMD seminars this past weekend! Great reviews from attendees, and the puppies, young dogs and people new to OMD did fantastic! We have tons of great things to practice now :-).  Becca is back in December – the working spots are full, but there is lots to learn from auditing too!

Nov 2-3 NADAC trial premium is now available

Entries are now open for the Artful Dodgers November 2-3 NADAC trial.
The premium can be found here and on

We will be offering Intro level in all of our regular jumping classes.  These are shorter courses great baby/green dogs and older/semiretired dogs.

We will also be offering the new Gamblers class each day.

In addition, NADAC now allows training with a toy in the ring at the Intro and Novice level (see details on the website).

We invite you all to come join us for some fun and fast courses!

New events this fall at Oriole

We have new agility practice sessions scheduled for selected Monday mornings to compliment our Friday night agility run-throughs.  For details and the schedule, visit our Agility Run-through page.

NADAC is bringing the Gamblers class back with some new twists. Jean Wilkins will be presenting morning and afternoon workshops on September 28th where you can learn the rules for the revamped Gamblers class and try some for yourself.  Visit our Seminars and Workshops page for more information.

New August Agility Workshops

Lead Outs with Terry Herman
Wednesday, August 21st – 6:30pm to 10:00pm

Lead Outs: When to use and how to use them to give your dog the most information possible. Dogs should be able to hold a stay at the start. For competition ready teams.

Troubleshooting Stopped Contacts with Darlene Paul
Tuesday, August 27nd – 6:30pm to 9:30pm

This workshop will cover the most common problems seen in the 2 On/2 Off contact performance – Not stopping; early releasing; not driving into position; creeping and stopping early; handler needs to “babysit” end of contact. This workshop is meant to cover end criteria. Teeter issues such as fear, not driving past pivot point may be touched on if there is time.

Details on both workshops including fees and registration links can be found on our Seminars and Workshops page.

Artful Dodgers USDAA Intro Trial August 15th 6pm!

Beat the heat and have fun in the AC at our USDAA Intro Trial!

Getting ready to start a new agility dog? Curious about USDAA? Artful Dodgers will be hosting a USDAA Intro Trial the night of Thursday, August 15th at Oriole Dog Training Club. Intro Standard, Intro Snooker, and Intro Jumpers will be offered.

Day of Show entries will be accepted between 6:00pm and 6:30pm for an additional $2 per run.

Check in for the first class offered is from 6:00pm to 6:30pm. Please see your final confirmation for check-in times for later classes.

Click here for more information and the premium list for the USDAA Intro Trial:
USDAA Agility Trial Information Page

It is important to note that dogs cannot be registered with the USDAA on the day of the Intro trial.  Allow at least a week before the trial to register and receive your registration number. Click on the link below to create a free USDAA competitor account and register your dog:

Why compete in the USDAA Intro Program?

1. The USDAA Intro Program is designed to help new competitors and beginning dogs get started in dog agility in a low-stress environment. There are people there to help beginners and you can train in the ring.

2. Dogs 14 months of age or older who have not earned titles in the USDAA Championship, Performance or Veterans Programs are eligible to earn titles in the USDAA Intro Program.

3. In a USDAA Intro trial, you can compete in FEO (For Exhibition Only). FEO allows you to train in the ring and there’s no pressure to complete a course with accuracy.

4. USDAA Intro trials are a good place to learn how trials operate. Where do you check in? How do you fill out an entry form?

5. You can learn the USDAA classes like Snooker, Standard and Jumpers! The judge will spend time answering all your questions.

6. You can use toys in the ring! If you choose to use a toy during your run, you are electing to run FEO and cannot qualify, but the training opportunity is invaluable.

To learn more about USDAA agility, including an opportunity to learn to play Snooker, sign up for the “Getting to Know USDAA Workshop” on the evening of August 1.  The workshop will not include contacts or weaves.

Register: Getting to Know USDAA WORKING SLOT
Register: Getting to Know USDAA AUDIT ONLY