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Thanks to Rebecca Thrift!

Oriole wants to thank Rebecca Thrift for a wonderful three days of instruction during the OMD seminars this past weekend! Great reviews from attendees, and the puppies, young dogs and people new to OMD did fantastic! We have tons of great things to practice now :-).  Becca is back in December – the working spots are full, but there is lots to learn from auditing too!

Nov 2-3 NADAC trial premium is now available

Entries are now open for the Artful Dodgers November 2-3 NADAC trial.
The premium can be found here and on

We will be offering Intro level in all of our regular jumping classes.  These are shorter courses great baby/green dogs and older/semiretired dogs.

We will also be offering the new Gamblers class each day.

In addition, NADAC now allows training with a toy in the ring at the Intro and Novice level (see details on the website).

We invite you all to come join us for some fun and fast courses!