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December 7-9, 2018 AKC Agility Trial Premium is Now Available


This year’s December AKC Agility trial runs from Dec 7-9, 2018 at a new location for us, the Frederick Indoor Sports Center in Frederick, MD.

Judges are Catherine Nelson and Tom Slattery.  Entries open on October 4 and the method of entry is First Received.

Discounts are available for each dog entered in 12 or more runs.  And don’t miss the special “Triple Quad” award to be won by the dog with the most Q’s  earned at this trial!

See our trial information page for additional details as well as the premium.

Oriole Dog Training Summer Workshops

August Agility Workshops with Terry Herman

Lead Outs: This workshop will show you when and how to use lead outs to give your dog the most information possible. It will also cover what to do when you don’t have a lead-out.  For competition ready teams. Limited to 10 dogs.
Cost:  $20 for CM, $28 for Training Members and $35 for Non-Members, Audit (unlimited): $10

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 6:30 – 9 pm
Audit Only


Foundation Jumping: This workshop on foundation jumping covers one jump work – wraps, switches, backsides, collection; line recognition, and jump pattern recognition as well as offer to jump/commitment.  Limited to 10 dogs.
Cost:  $20 for CM, $28 for Training Members and $35 for Non-Members, Audit (unlimited): $10

Tuesday, August 28, 2018 6:30 – 9 pm
Audit Only


Agility Dogs Wanted For This Weekend’s USDAA Judging Clinic Examination


This coming weekend, on July 19-22, Oriole Dog Training Club (aka Artful Dodgers Agility) is hosting a USDAA dog agility judging clinic and examination at our training building in Halethorpe, MD.

On the Saturday (2pm – 5pm) and Sunday (9am – 1pm) of this clinic, we will run a practice match for which we need dogs for the new judges to practice their skills on. Participation in this match is a good chance to get your dog on different equipment in a different location as well as a good way to give back to the sport. USDAA regulation equipment will be used at this match.  There is no cost for this match.

Although we have several dogs already signed up, we could sure use some more as there have been a few dropouts !

Requirements: Your dog must be able to perform all of the standard equipment indoors on artificial turf. The dog does not need to be USDAA registered and does not have to be measured to participate.

How it Works: There is no cost for entering the match. You may specify the height of the jumps that you want to work the dog at. You will be asked to sign the usual disclaimer before participating. Although you may come at any point, it will work best if you sign up beforehand in 2 hour slots so that we have a good idea of how many dogs we will have available for the judge candidates.   Timeslots will set out on late Saturday afternoon and in two 2 hour timeslots on Sunday.  You may be asked to run 3-4 times in your time slot under different judge trainees. We would ask you only not to train in the ring when you are actually being judged.

How to Sign Up: Send an email to with the following information:

Handler Name:

Dog Call Name:

Dog Jump Height (4, 8, 12, 16, 20, 24):

Aframe Height (5’0, 5’6):

Which timeslot(s) you would like:

Saturday afternoon (2pm – 5pm)

Sunday (9am – 11am)

Sunday (11am – 1pm)

Email address you can be contacted at: