Barn Hunt Intro Workshop & Run-Through

Barn Hunt Intro Workshop & Run Through-Sat. , July 17, 8-12pm

Have you heard about Barn Hunt and would like to learn more and even try it out?  Oriole (and the Oriole Rats!) are supporting an Intro workshop given by BHA judge and Oriole club member Colin Ratcliffe to be held at Branchwater Farm on Saturday, July 17 from 8 am-12 pm.  Check out the details and how to sign up here

After this workshop, you and your dog will be well prepared for the Rat Instinct Test at the trial held July 23-25 at Branchwater Farm. Participants in this workshop who wish to enter the Oriole Barn Hunt trial the following weekend will have late fees waived. See our Barn Hunt Trial page for more information 🙂


Following the workshop, there will be timed run-throughs at $5/run from 1pm to 3pm. Sign-ups for run-throughs are taken that day and start at 12:45pm. All levels (Instinct through Masters). Masters will be run on a modified Open course.

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