New Puppy Kindergarten class added!

We have just added a PuppyK class to our schedule and registration is now open. The class meets for 4 weeks and starts on June 5th.

 [OB101A] Puppy Kindergarten.  Instructor:  Sue Carlton, Assistants: Kara O’Connor and Carol Carr. 4 weeks. For puppies 14 weeks to 6 months old. Emphasis on positive socialization to people and other puppies, environmental surroundings and contacts. General behavior topics will include crate training, housetraining, reading body language, and reducing nipping and jumping. We will focus on skills like attention to owner, loose leash walking, rear end awareness, good play and greeting skills with dogs and people, sit, down, come, wait, even tricks! This is a “food” reward-based class. Note:  Bring current rabies certificate for puppies over 4 months to the first night of class. Puppies attend the first class. No class on June 26th.

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