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April 10-11, 2021 AKC Rally Premium is Now Available


Come join us this spring in climate-controlled comfort for our third April AKC Rally only trial held on Sprinturf in our training building in Halethorpe, Maryland!   Please note that COVID-19 protocols will be place;  more details on that as well as the premium is located on our website under Events on our AKC Obedience Trial Information page.

This trial is limited to 60 runs/day and entries are open now.

Dec AKC Virtual Rally Runs at Oriole DTC

AKC Virtual Novice Rally Trial

DATE:            Sunday, Dec 20, 2020

TIME:             8:30 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.  (teams will be scheduled on the hour and half hour; 20 minutes will be allotted for the walk-thru and run; the additional 10 minutes will allow for sanitizing the building)

COST:             $10.00 per run (only one run per dog)

WHAT: One of the five approved AKC Novice Virtual Rally courses will be available to those who wish to earn a Rally Novice leg while trials are still few and far between.  A Club member will be available to videotape your run on your own phone/video camera to submit to AKC.  If you feel more comfortable, you may bring a tripod to hold the device instead.  Exhibitors are responsible for submitting their entry form and fee to AKC, along with a link to their video (after uploading to YouTube).

Registration Opens:          Tuesday, December 8
Registration Closes:          Thursday, December

Running an Agility Trial in COVID-19 Times

This weekend, Dec 4-6 2020, the Oriole Dog Training Club is having an AKC agility trial. Normally we hold this trial elsewhere where we can have hundreds of dogs and exhibitors in 2 rings . But this year, we needed to carefully guard the club’s stressed finances and scale the trial down to 1 ring to reduce the number of exhibitors present. So we moved this trial (and our January trial as well) to our club building.

Judge David Nauer observes a team running on Friday evening in the Time To Beat class.

The trial committee – chaired by Oriole member Tricia Dunseith and our Trial Secretary, Clantyre Show Secretary Services – spent quite a bit of time on determining safeguards to put in place. In addition to following best practices recommended by the CDC and AKC, the club has been monitoring the quality of the ventilation throughout the building for several months now so that we have a well-informed knowledge of how to ensure the air quality is such that the risk of contamination via viral aerosol is reduced to a very low level.

The quality of the ventilation is tracked by monitoring CO2 levels. Here we are 2 hours into the trial on Saturday morning and the level on the sportsfield is well under the 700ppm at which we would need to take action. The maximum number of people in the building occurs when we have 25 people for a walkthrough; this can cause the levels to reach just over 600ppm. (Information point: hospital rooms strive for a CO2 level of 6oo ppm). The air on the sportsfield is ventilated by three large overhead industrial units set to run continuously which is supplemented by fresh air blown in from the loading dock.

Sorry – but this is one trial where you can’t spectate. The key to keeping everyone safe is to ensure that few people are in the building at any given point. For this trial we have the Oriole Rule of Five: You can be in the building for exactly 5 reasons:

  1. Walk your course
  2. Run your dog
  3. Volunteer
  4. Use the restroom
  5. Pick up your ribbon

Masking of course is required at all times while on site including while running your dog. Here are some of the other policies put in place:

Check-in and worker coordination: Stations for these are set up outside of the building.

The check-in station is located in the Pod behind the tent where the worker coordinator is stationed.

Traffic Flow: There is a specific one-way traffic flow in and out of the building. The main hallway is used for entry and the middle hallway is used to exit. Quality ventilation in this area is ensured by keeping the front doors open as well as use of an air purifier with a UV filter.

The next few exhibitors to run are staged in the main hallway and just inside the door on the sportsfield. Floors have been marked to remind everyone of the social distancing requirements.

Cookie-Toy Table: A table is provided between the ring entrance and exit for exhibitors to store their coat/cookie/toys before the run.

A coat/cookie/toy table is provided for exhibitors to leave such items before entering the ring. Exhibitors then pass by this table on their way out of the ring.

Technological tools: Exhibitors with smartphones and car radios can track the progress of the class. (We are trying – with indifferent success – to stream the trial on Facebook as well, but are running into issues with bandwidth on the club WiFi network).

Gate steward Linda McKisson is using the Agility Gate app on a tablet to mark off dogs as they complete their runs

Results: These are posted in the building near the station where an exhibitor may enter to pick up their ribbon or they may be viewed in real-time outside on a monitor placed next to a window.

Class results are posted in the middle hallway for quick viewing before proceeding to the ribbon station
Ribbons are available after the class on the loading dock organized by the exhibitor’s last name.
The scoring station located outside of the building has a monitor for real-time viewing of class results

We are glad we are able to have a limited trial under all of these precautions and are appreciative that our exhibitors are being supportive to help keep everyone safe.

We know that both you and we all look forward to the day when things can go back to normal. Until then – Stay Safe & Stay Healthy!

Dec Barn Hunt Trial and Intro to Barn Hunt Workshop

Maybe you’ve heard about Barn Hunt and would like to learn more and even try it out?  Oriole (and the Oriole Rats!) are supporting an Intro workshop given by BHA judge and Oriole club member Colin Ratcliffe to be held at Branchwater Farm on Saturday, Dec 12.  Check it out here!  After this workshop, you and your dog will be well prepared for the Rat Instinct Test at the new December trial the following weekend (discounts offered for those that take the Workshop!)

And speaking of that December trial, entries are open until Wednesday, December 9. Note that we do expect to be using the outside rings (under cover) so that maximum safety can be observed during the pandemic.

Entries open tomorrow for the Dec AKC Agility Trial


Dec 4-6, 2020
at the Oriole Dog Training Club in Halethorpe, MD

This trial has been moved for this year for COVID-19 reasons to our training building.

Entries Open: Friday, Oct 2, 2020 (Method is First Received)
Entries Close: Friday, Nov 20, 2020

Friday’s trial is a “games only” evening event!
Friday evening: All levels – FAST + Time2Beat (limit 100 runs)

Saturday: All levels – STD, JWW & FAST + Time2Beat + Premier STD
Sunday: All levels – STD, JWW & FAST + Time2Beat + Premier JWW

Entries are limited to 100 runs on Friday evening
Entries are limited to 350 runs per day on Saturday & Sunday

Artful Dodgers Agility USDAA Trial is Still Open for Entries

Note that this trial has been moved offsite to outdoor rings at Branchwater Farm in Reisterstown, Maryland (near Hunt Valley, Maryland)

It being COVID times and the U.S. Mail not as functional as usual, we will be accepting entries through the weekend. Entries can be submitted via email and we do take electronic payments (PayPal and Venmo).

Links for the entry form, the test schedule, and instructions for electronic payment are below.