January Barn Hunt Fun Match Upgraded

BHA-LogoUpdate from match secretary, Charlene Schilling:

Due to overwhelming demand, we added a second judge and increased the limit to 100 for Oriole’s first Barn Hunt Fun Test on Sunday, January 4th, in Severn, MD.

We’re quickly approaching this new limit, so if you want to experience Barn Hunting, you may want to postmark an entry by tomorrow, December 29th (this is not the same as putting it in a mailbox, where it may not get picked up for a day or two). Note that late entries cost $3 more per run.

If we do not fill the trial from entries postmarked by tomorrow, Day of Show entries will be taken from 8:30 am to 9 am, until we reach the limit.

To help dogs who are new to the sport, we added a short “meet ‘n greet” with the rats.  It is only available for dogs pre-entered in the Instinct class, and it starts at 8:15 am. During the “meet ‘n greet,” dogs will be able to see and smell a rat (protected in a cage). This will give you a chance to reward your dog (praise and/or food) for showing interest in the rat.

A Barn Hunt registration number is NOT required for Fun Tests. The premium is available at:


POCs:  TS – Char (odtcbhsec@gmail.com); TC – Jan (agilelab@juno.com)