A Most Productive Day at Oriole

If there’s a medical  emergency at Oriole, do you know what to do or who/where to turn to?    We’ve been working on that !  As you first enter into the building, right there on the wall to your right in the foyer we have staged our emergency station including a large, brand-new well-stocked First Aid kit and our Automated External Defibrillator (AED) unit.

AED Training Class
Instructor Dennis Dawson explains the basics of using the AED unit, followed by hands-on practice in CPR and rescue breathing training.

As part of our push for safety, Oriole member Nancy Anderson arranged for a training class to be taught by a knowledgeable area paramedic.  Unfortunately, our first attempt to bring him in had to be cancelled due to last month’s  snowstorm.

Despite yesterday’s heavy snowfall however, we were able to have our training class today in the use of the AED unit as well as some other important emergency First Aid training.

Nancy learns the basics of helping a choking victim (played here by Elaine O’Carroll)

It was a very worthwhile training session and if you missed it this year, make sure you watch for and attend next year’s session!

At the conclusion of the AED training class, we moved on to the next order of the day.

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As much as we all love our new sports field, the settling period was now over and it was now time to add the remainder of the infill.  Again, despite the weather, we had a quite a good turn-out for the work party to add more infill.  Many thanks to those members who pitched in and provided the labor to move the infill from the loading dock out to the workers who systematically measured, poured, and raked it in, one square yard at a time.   Ten thousand square feet later we had an improved field that should have even better traction and shock absorbency.  It was a great team effort !