Report from the October 17 Odor Recognition Test


From Linda Grskovich:

“Oriole held its first NACSW sanctioned Odor Recognition Test (ORT) at our new facility this past weekend.  We conducted  96 tests. The passing rate was Birch 81%,  Anise 73%, and Clove 62% .

Cindy Knowlton CNWItm (See Spot Grin) was the Supervising Certifying Official/Judge and Donald Grskovich CNWItm was in training as a Certifying Official.  Our volunteers were awesome once again!!!  We started the day a bit behind schedule as registration took longer than we thought,  but the day ended 1 hour ahead of schedule.   WOO HOO… nobody complains about getting out early!!

With the new facility, we had to test our flow, indoor and outdoor staging of dogs and handlers. Our biggest oops was in the morning when we came in and found our reactive dog parking spot had become a Park and Ride over night. But our competitors and volunteers worked it out and it was an almost seamless transition. It was a fun day. The weather was nice and people were able to visit and mingle in our large parking lot. We got a lot of kudos throughout the day and after the event.

We are hosting  another ORT on Sunday, March 6, 2016.”

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