Wrap-up from the December 2015 AKC Agility Trial

A couple of the days went a bit long (our trial secretary has some ideas about improving that for next year), but good footing, good temperatures, good judges and fun courses went a long way too at this weekend’s Oriole Dog Training Club AKC Agility trial at the Shipley Arena in Westminster, MD.

Reporter Jacob DeNobel of the Carroll County Times had this to say about the trial:


Lots of titles were recorded at the awards table.  Congratulations go out to:

T2B Molson Ann Pribyl
T2B Kenzie Alicia Moore
NA Keanu Lorinda McKisson
NA Joey Shannon Hall
NA Echo Carie Wohl
NAJ Keanu Lorinda McKisson
NF Keanu Lorinda McKisson
NF Wile E Helayne Silver
OA Mimsey Sharon Spies
OA Willie Sandra Martin
OA Carly Rae Megan Shepter
OAJ Willie Sandra Martin
OAJ Jib Rachael Lachow
OF Judy Judy Frank Gilmer
OF Johnny B Janet Gauntt
OF Miley Megan Shepter
OF Benny Tina Borden
AX Johnny B Janet Gauntt
AX Roscoe Kiley Bitner-Parish
AXJ Moxie Cindy Hill
XF Sequel Janet Gauntt
MJPB2 Bacchus Mary Callaway
MJP CC Megan Esherick
MXB2 Jovi Joanne Dzenkowski
PAX 4 Bacchus Mary Callaway
PAX 6 Soleil Diane Sutton
MACH Jack Christine Tschech
MACH 2 Gator Laurie Cook
MACH 2 Salsa Megan Esherick
MACH 3 Rowdy Cynthia Hornor
MACH 12 Roxy Joanne Dzenkowski
MACH 18 Ganesha Russ Thorpe

Many thanks to all who come and support our trials.  Don’t forget our next trial in January 2016 at the Pet Export in Timonium, MD.  Entries are open now.