A Summer of Flyball Drop-ins

Parsons Russell Terrier “Barney”, run by Holly Van Houten on the Scallywags team, demonstrates a ‘swimmers’ box turn at the June 24-25, 2017 Coconut Classic NAFA Flyball Tournament held in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Costumes are a unique feature of this event and Barney is wearing that weekend’s team theme “Orange is the New Bark”.  Photocredit to Olivier Morin at 1-TDC.com

Oriole’s No Speed Limit and Scallywags Flyball Racing Teams invite you to drop in this summer during one of our regular flyball training classes.  If your dog is already trained and racing on a team, you can drop in and race along with us!

Not sure what flyball is?  Drop in yourself (without your dog please – flyball can be a bit stimulating the first time your dog sees it) and get a sense of what flyball racing is and how we train here at Oriole.

FMI: Contact Carle Lee Detweiler for information on the No Speed Limit Thursday night class and Kate Bobb for information on the Scallywags Friday night class.