June 5-6 Barn Hunt trial

We’re having a little MemOriole Day sale of our own!

If you missed entering Oriole’s June 5-6 Barn Hunt trial, we will waive late fees until 6pm on Tuesday, June 1. Just email your entry to our trial secretary Charlene Schilling (odtcbhsec@gmail.com) and get your entry in the mail postmarked by Tuesday, June 1. Here’s your not so secret code to do so: Write Happy MemOriole Day! on the envelope 🙂

You can find the link to the entry form on our Barn Hunt Trial Information page. And then you can plan on having some fun finding rats!

Can’t make the trial next weekend? We’ve another planned at the end of July. Click on the above link for more information.

And not to forget the actual meaning of the holiday, Oriole DTC sends a big THANK YOU to ALL who have served.