Great Fun at Oriole’s 3 day K9 Nose Work Trial in Worton Maryland

Colin Sapp indicating his find on an exterior search at Oriole's December 2015 Nosework trial. Photo provided courtesy of Linda Davis.
Colin, a Border Terrier owned by Donna Sapp,  indicating a  find on a vehicle search at Oriole’s December 2015 Nose Work trial. Photo provided courtesy of Linda Davis.

Trial Chairman Linda Grskovich catches us up on the happenings at this trial:

“Oriole Dog Training Club held its second NACSW sanctioned nose work trial event on December 11, 12 and 13, 2015 at Camp Tockwough in Worton, Maryland. For December, the weather was amazingly warm at times hitting the mid-60s. We had fog in the morning, which helped by leaving a nice layer of moisture for the exterior searches. The rest of the day was beautiful. The Certifying Official was Troy Mills from Colorado, who enjoyed our great weather. Our judges were Michelle Goodman, Christina McCauley and Mark Carr, all from Maryland. The volunteers were awesome. Many thanks to the nose work community and friends who volunteered and supported the Oriole event. Thank you to Don Grskovich who organized the volunteer effort and flow so each day ended ahead of schedule! The weekend resulted in 17 NW3 titles, 3 NW3 elite titles, 28 NW3 Element titles and 15 NW2 titles. For all results, please check the NACSW web page

It is also nice to say that all of the Oriole members who competed came home in ribbons. Donna Sapp and her Border Terrier Colin earned a NW3 and NW3 elite. Colin became the third Border Terrier in NACSW to win a NW3 Elite title doing so on his 12th Birthday! Hazel Troendle and her Border Collie, Fiber got their NW3. Carol Jennings and Stella competed in NW2 on Saturday and went home with a 3rd place overall ribbon in the Interior search element.”

Here are some pictures and videos from the event.  Videos are courtesy of Karen McMillan of Fido Photography.

This first video shows Donna Sapp and her Border Terrier Colin conducting their NW3 container search.

The second video shows Hazel Troendle and her Border Collie, Fiber conducting their NW3 vehicle search.