Cleanup Days At Oriole

TunnelMania2Over the break between semesters, we’ve been busy getting things cleaned up and ready for next month’s classes and trials.

We do like the “kitty litter” surface used for our December AKC agility trial, but there is no denying it does leave all of our agility trial equipment pretty dusty.  And with the unusual summer/fall like weather we’ve been having after Christmas this year, it was a good time to do some ‘spring’ cleaning.  Thank you to those club members who were able to come at short notice this past weekend to take advantage of the nice weather to get the cleaning done.


On a different cleaning front, we’re very excited to have received our new TurfSoft TS3 machine for cleaning the sports field.  It’s been a little over a year since the sports field was installed and it was time for a thorough cleaning.   We’re pleased that the machine will give us a chance to do that on a more regular basis now.