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Fall 2014 Class Schedule Changes

schedulechange    From the club President:
It appears that we will not be able to get into our new building before the start of classes on September 29.  So we will need to start all classes in the Woodlawn buildings and transition to the new building once we have an occupancy permit.  This necessitated us changing the course catalog for a few classes.  Specifically, Nosework classes in the evening will start at 5:30, puppy obedience and conformation classes will also change from the printed catalog.  We are not printing new course catalogs to accommodate these changes.  When registering, please verify the time and day of classes on the website version of the course catalog or building calendar



Agenda for General Membership Meeting This Thursday (Aug 14)


The next General Membership Meeting of the Oriole Dog Training Club will be held Thursday, August 14, 2014 at 7:00pm at the current club premises. At this meeting there will be a silent auction of items that will not be needed at the new building, including, but not limited to:

• A storage shed
• Surplus agility equipment
• Matting
• Books from the library

Please note that some items cannot be taken away immediately, but may be claimed when the move actually occurs. An agenda for the meeting can be found below.

Wendy Takacs,
ODTC Secretary



General Membership Meeting
Oriole Dog Training Club
August 14, 2014


Call to Order

Old Business

Membership Vote on By-Laws Revision
Signage / Liability issues / Incident Report
Website updating and revisions
New Building – Status report

New Business

Increase in Budget for New Building
Silent Auction

 Report of the Secretary

Report of the Treasurer

Status of Tax Returns & Securing Records
Status of recovery of 501.c(3) tax exempt status

 Reports of the Training Directors & Membership

Flyball / Misc.

Reports of the Standing Committees


President’s Announcements

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

Health Clinics
AED Training/Issues
Event Manager

 Set Next BOD Meeting – Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Oct 2014 USDAA Test Premium is Available

Border Collie Romance eyeing the contact zone as she descends an Aframe
Come on down & play some USDAA !

The premium for the October 4-5, 2014 Artful Dodgers USDAA trial in Millersville, MD is now available on-line.

This trial features 2015 qualifiers for Grand Prix, Steeplechase and both Masters Challenge classes.  Cynosport World Games, aka the USDAA Nationals, will be Murfreesboro, TN in 2015, so here’s a chance to start getting qualified early! Double Gamblers is also offered (plus Double Jumpers for Starters/Advanced) in addition to all the regular titling classes.  Artful Dodgers has rubberized contact equipment as well as 24″ weaves (new MAD Agility bases) and displaceable tires.

The site is Hog Dog Productions which is acres and acres of well draining fields with lots of room to stretch out and walks with a nearby stream to explore.   Come and tent by the ring or work nearby out of your car as you like.

Entry fees for the titling classes are the very affordable cost of $14 per titling class (more for the tournament classes).

For those new to the sport or those wishing to train a more experienced dog in a trial environment, we are offering all four  Intro classes (Standard/Jumpers on Saturday and Gamblers/Snooker on Sunday) either for titling or training purposes (FEO) at $8/class.

As with all USDAA trials, entries are unlimited, as long as the entry is received by the closing date of September 20, 2014.

See you there –